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Nathan Melenbrink (Founder), Barry Gabay, Jeff Stolz, Brent Merritt, Stephen Oklesson

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The Record is a platform for sharing uninterpreted news driven by gamifying source verification through an asymmetrical voting schema. In an increasingly divided era, one thing that people seem comfortable agreeing on is that our media landscape is increasingly polarized. The reasons why this is the case are quite clear -- more and more people get their news from social media outlets, which run on algorithms that prioritize reinforcement of people's preexisting views. The rise of social media in general has exerted considerable pressure on conventional news media outlets. This is becoming a growing cause of concern -- as familiar news outlets prioritize "clickbait" over informative headlines, readers are understandably harboring increasingly skeptical views toward media that they used to trust.

Unlike other news outlets, we can guarantee that we have no editorial bias, simply because we have no editors. The posts that get promoted are simply the ones that are most upvoted by the community -- no exceptions. We have no corporate sponsors or shareholders, and are funded solely through small contributions from users. The Record has no hierarchy -- all users have an equal opportunity to express their opinions and be heard.

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