An Ephemeral Monument

Akshay Goyall & Scott Valentine


ArtsFirst, Brooklyn Ice Co., Retonica


Harvard Office for Sustainability, Office for the Arts at Harvard

Sublimation is a time based art installation that seeks to create discourse on the impacts of global warming and climate change. The project proposes a public installation in the form of a temporary sculpture in Harvard Yard that envisages a fleeting moment captured in a still. Through a gradual process of dematerialization, the sculpture allows for a repose where a monumental emblem can become ephemeral and loose shape and form in the face of time.

Through this performative fleeting of a sculpture, portrayed in the medium of melting ice, we hope to displace the preexisting notions of what a monument should be. By reconfiguring its solid state, both virtually and physically, the statue is no longer just a heavy structure plotted to the ground but rather a changing, deforming, transcending embodiment of symbolic meaning left to evaporate.

Read more about the fabrication process.