Spatial Acoustics
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April 10, 2015


Loeb Fellowship


Kritika Dhanda, Maria Jaakkola, Tamara Jafar, Marcia Soviak, Scott Valentine.

Developing the concept of disrupting space, improvisational jazz musicians used Gund Hall’s unique sonic and performative qualities to create a new architectural experience based on Bauhaus concepts of building a community through performance. Starting in scattered corners of the building, musicians playing brass, woodwind, and strings navigated across the building, shifting the collective focus into the possibilities of what can transpire through spontaneity.

Musicians featured: Gabe Gladstein (’17) on violin, Caetano Hanta-Davis (’18) on alto saxophone, Jacob Lurye (’18) on drums, Ryan Park-Chan (’18) on tenor saxophone, Jonah Philion (’18) on alto saxophone, Aditya Raguram (’19) on keyboard, Gary Smiley on trumpet, and Rose Whitcomb (’16) on clarinet.