Installation Art Studio
Photo Credit

James Addison, Amro Arida


Ryan Ferguson, Luis Carbajal, Caitlin Morris


Kelvinside Academy 1878 (Glasgow, Scotland)

Scotland Installation

The Scotland installation is an interactive space designed for Kelvinside Academy in Glasgow, Scotland by students from NuVu. The piece consists of a spatially fluid field of reeds, leading to a central clearing under an overarching canopy of lights. This inviting space is warmly lit and provides a peaceful area for students of Kelvinside to come together in a unique context.

The project is a culmination of a collaborative joint effort spanning over two months. It consists of four major components: The heart, fern inspired leaves, self-righting bases for the leaves and diffuser lights. All of the parts are custom fabricated using a lasercutter, 3D printer and silicone and concrete casting.